"Grow Your Own" Neighborhood Garden

Updated July20th

What's ripe now?

Summer veggies are ripe! Stop by for some cucumbers, zucchini, and scallions! Next week we hope to update you with ripened green beans!


What is the Neighborhood Garden?

Located directly across from the Seymour Town Library are the "Grow Your Own" Neighborhood Garden beds. A joint project by the Valley United Way and Trinity placed 12 raised beds for the 2019 growing season at the top of a beautiful open hill that is accessible from Trinity's parking lot. Massaro Community Farm joined us in the 2020 growing season and are continuing to oversee the project, as well as our Garden Leader, Aaron (with the help of Tom and Harry), and a few others.

Our garden beds are full with a variety of vegetables and there are more beds to be installed in June. Once we the growing season gets moving along, you may check back here, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get the most up-to-date info.


If you're interested in volunteering (It's a great way for high-schoolers to earn community hours) just contact the church at 203-888-6596 or send us an email.

Even if you don't feel like harvesting veggies, the hill has a beautiful view overlooking downtown Seymour. Whether it's a spring field full of buttercups, or the brilliant colors of fall foliate, it's a nice place for a walk or to sit a spell and enjoy the scenery!