Music Ministry

One of the goals of the Music Ministry at Trinity is to involve as many people as possible of every age who want to express themselves musically in worship, in a way that is personally meaningful and satisfying. For some, this may be through traditional hymn and choral singing with accompaniment on our well-maintained Austin pipe organ, or perhaps with folk arrangements using acoustic instruments. For others, modern praise music with electric guitars, percussion, and synthesizer is preferred, or even secular music with messages that edify and uplift, and that resonate with a broader range of age groups. And some may enjoy non-traditional instrumental ensembles with music drawn from many different cultures and genres. At Trinity, you will find all these musical styles represented, and you are encouraged to share your ideas to help shape a worship experience that is relevant for you. 


We presently have a versatile core of instrumentalists and singers of diverse ages that gracefully transition between acoustic music and electrified music with percussion during each service. If you are interested in adding your talents to The Altar Egos, our band of fun-loving musicians, you are encouraged to join us any Sunday morning at 9:00 when we meet to rehearse for the 10:00 service.


We are also interested in expanding music offerings for the youth of our community, and welcome inquiries from parents with children who have musical interests.


"Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation." 

Psalm 95:1

Meet Sarah

I joined Trinity as the Music Director in January of 2020. My background is in music education, music ministry, and music performance, and I have been active in those professions for over twenty years.


Being a part of the music ministry and community of Trinity is a source of joy in my life. I love working and collaborating with my colleagues. The parishioners exhibit an easy-going and genuine warmth that makes one feel immediately comfortable and welcome. And rehearsing with the musicians of Trinity is always a highlight of my week, guaranteed to provide big smiles and joyful laughter. For these reasons, and so many others, I love Trinity!


In addition to music, I also enjoy all the activities associated with being a hobby farmer, cuddling with goats among them, as well as delightful daily hikes with my husband and our two puppydogs on the beautiful, wooded trails of Connecticut.

Kingdom Kids Choir & Music Club

We have a new offering in the fall of 2021 with our Kingdom Kids Choir & Music Club which is open to K-5 children. “Club” activities follow the CT Arts Standards, and students learn to create, perform, and respond to music. As a certified music teacher in the state of Connecticut, I lead the lessons. There are always a minimum of two adults present, one of whom presently works in special education in multiple CT school districts. We have keyboard and percussion instruments that the children can utilize. Children are given individually packaged snacks and drinks. We also continue the use of masks to ensure the safety and health of all in attendance.