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Kids of the Kingdom

Here at Trinity your children will not find themselves in a 'traditional classroom' on Sunday morning. That is because we believe Christian formation happens best when children are exposed to the life of the church through a variety of experiences, and through active participation in the liturgy. Just as no two adults come to a faith in the same way, no 'one program' fits the needs of every child.

As best we can we try to customize each child’s/teen's faith formation using a variety of formats, such as story, art, service and play.

We asked some of our adults what they most liked about going to church. We received many responses, such as "a sense of community, a closeness to God, fellowship and fun." With the help of a consultant we realized that our children want the same things from church! Below are some of the offerings your children will find waiting for them here at their Trinity Church.

During the summer, Kids of the Kingdom meets two Sundays a month at the 10 o'clock service. Cancellations are communicated through our eblast.
For the most updated info and meeting dates, check our events calendar or 
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"All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children."

Isaiah 54:13

Meet Miss Maura

Meet Miss Maura


I work with children with emotional and social disabilities and am pursuing work in healing with Yoga and Reiki. I have built and have been running the Kids of the Kingdom for two years. I believe in religious and spiritual education being a part of every day life. I take stories and lessons we hear in the Bible and help the kids of the Kingdom connect them to our lives, and those of our friends. I enjoy acting and creating characters to allow for a more animated learning environment. 


I love instructing but I love learning more. I also love to paint and rock climb.

Kids of the Kingdom 

If you are ages 3-11 (pre-K – 6th grade), then you have probably met Miss Maura, or one of her aliases, the Angel Gabriel, Abigail the inn keeper, the shepherd boy, or the star. Each Sunday children are invited to go on a biblical adventure with Maura that always includes snacks.

Kingdom Kids Choir & Music Club

Jammin' For Jesus is our youth choir, a talented and energetic ensemble of kids of various ages that sing regularly during our 10:00 worship service. Rehearsals (which include music games and activities) take place on Tuesdays from 4:30 to 5:30pm and follow the school year schedule. 

Jr. Jammers for Jesus is our choir for pre-school aged children. The Jr. Jammers meet on Tuesdays from 4:15 to 4:30pm. Activities include singing, socializing, experimenting with various instruments. They join the older Jammin' for Jesus group during 10:00 services to share songs they've learned, and their schedule also follows the school year. 

As a certified music teacher in the state of Connecticut, Miss Sarah lead the lessons. There are always a minimum of two adults present. We have keyboard and percussion instruments that the children can utilize. Children are given individually packaged snacks and drinks. 

Parish Wide Youth Service

During this liturgy, our children and teens assume all of the traditional roles, including that of the presider. Our next Youth Sunday is June 16th and the parish is very excited!

Here at Trinity we don’t think that children are important to the future of the church.
Children are the future
of the church!
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