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Covid 19 Operating Policies

We are currently offering in-person services on Sunday morning only. All other services and activities will be available on Zoom or either as livestream or video posted to Facebook. We follow the recommendations provided by the CDC and the State of Connecticut. The following protocols are in place to attend a worship service inside the sanctuary. (updated January 10, 2022)

It is important to note, anyone who is at-risk or feels uncomfortable about attending services in-person are encouraged to join us on Facebook.

  • Masks: We currently recommend all attendees, even if fully vaccinated, to use a mask while in the building. Should you be more comfortable at home we completely understand, our Sunday morning services will be livestreaming on Facebook.

  • It is safest if each attendee brings their own hand sanitizer, however hand sanitizer will be made available at the entrance and exit. 

  • Social distancing is recommended; all people, except members of the same family, should remain 6 ft. apart at all times.

  • We will continue to say/wave/sign The Peace from our seats.

  • Offerings may be dropped in the offering plate at the entrance of the Sanctuary. 

  • When the consecrated host is served, all individuals choosing to participate are recommended to maintain a 6’ distance apart (except members of the same family) and wait until seated to remove masks to consume the host.

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