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What is a pledge?


A pledge is a yearly commitment of money made in support of a parish and its mission. It can be paid yearly, monthly or weekly.


How is this different than a donation or putting money in the collection basket each week?

In many ways it is very similar, but a pledge often helps parishioners to be more intentional about their giving. Also, when a parish can anticipate a certain amount of pledged income each year, that parish is better able to make an accurate budget and manage monthly expenses.

Why do we pledge? Especially now?

Pledging is a way for us to support the mission of Trinity Church, but more importantly, it's an act of faith. With these uncertain economic times, it may be scary to commit money, however, in the act of pledging you are also asserting that God will care for you, and provide for your needs. One of our parishioners recently said he wasn't sure if he could pledge again this year, but then he thought; "If you trust that God is going to care for you, your generosity will always come back to you." That is how our individual parishioners and our parish as a whole move forward.

Why now? Because we are busier than ever!

We may be worshiping from a distance but we are still hearing the Gospel through our ability to provide services online. And the beauty of this is we are reaching more people with the Good News.

The physical time we spend with one another may be limited, but we are still living the Gospel together as a community. Look at all we have done over the past year. Our Blessing Pantry has opened, our frozen "home-cooked" meals ministry was launched, and we are providing clothing, donated and new, to our community. And others are  joining us in record numbers through donations of money, goods, and time.

We have not stopped Trinity. We have not worried about what may be, we have just continued, as a parish family, to push forward. Our arms are cast wide open to include people beyond ourselves. And what a blessing that is, for all of us!

What do I do next? Well if you wish to pledge your financial support to this church (in any amount), please send us an email and we will send out a pledge card.

If you've already pledged and you'd like to transition to an online recurring payment. Please click on the link above and complete the form. 

A processing fee will be applied to each transaction (What's this?) for approximately 4.5%, making your final amount less than your pledge. You may opt to pay processing fees with each transaction. 

Any questions, email or call the office at 203-888-6596.

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