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Angel Card of the Day (5/3/20): Angel of Divine Timing

A Message from Maura:

"I have pulled seven cards for the next seven days (starting today April 17th, 2020). I have asked with the best intention of the community and congregation that these cards bring comfort or positive affirmations that will help or assist you or someone you love in a moment of stress or worry. I must say that the order that the angels were pulled in from the deck for the next seven days truly was assisted by God."


What are Angel Cards? They are a deck of cards that are simply your "Guardian Angels." These are not fortune telling decks or in any way conflicting to our Christian beliefs. I believe that angels are messengers sent from God to assist us for the greater good. Like we believe in the angel who came to Mary, angels have been a part of our spiritual belief for centuries. I use Angel Cards prior to practicing Reiki and also as a way to begin my week. While I shuffle the deck I say a small prayer such as, "I ask for guidance from my guardian angels to assist me in this week's challenges" or "I ask for guidance and to assist me for my highest good." When an Angel Card is pulled there is a brief description of that angel and an affirmation to help me throughout my day.

You have received this card because your Angel of Divine Timing wants you to know that the timing is right for your desire to come to fruition. Your Angel of Divine Timing understands how you have been patiently awaiting the good news that is coming your way. This card is a gentle reminder not to give up hope. Your Angel of Divine Timing has been working behind the scenes, ensuring that all pieces of the puzzle will fall into place and result in your desired outcome. 


We live in a society where everyone is always in a hurry and things are expected to instantaneously. It is hard to be patient and you can become disappointed by your lot in life when things don’t work out the way you would like. In the spirit world, there are no clocks or schedules defining when things are expected to happen. 


There is a saying: “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!” if the timing isn’t right, you won’t receive the positive outcome you are hoping for. Your Angel of Divine Timing is ensuring that you receive the outcome that is best for your highest good. Don’t worry about how it will happen - know in your heart that your Angel of Divine Timing will ensure that it does happen. The most important thing is not to doubt the power of your Angel of Divine Timing. When you add doubt to the equation, you will sabotage all of the hard work you and your angel of divine timing have applied to achieve your desired outcome. Have faith that all is well, and be patient!


Affirmation: i have faith and belief that my Angel of Divine Timing is working to help me achieve my desired outcome. Everything happens with divine timing. 

All Angel readings are taken from the “Angel Reading Cards” by: Debbie Malone and Amalia I. Chitulescu. They are pulled for this community and congregations highest good. 

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