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Angel Card of the Day (4/26/20): Angel of Release

A Message from Maura:

"I have pulled seven cards for the next seven days (starting today April 17th, 2020). I have asked with the best intention of the community and congregation that these cards bring comfort or positive affirmations that will help or assist you or someone you love in a moment of stress or worry. I must say that the order that the angels were pulled in from the deck for the next seven days truly was assisted by God."


What are Angel Cards? They are a deck of cards that are simply your "Guardian Angels." These are not fortune telling decks or in any way conflicting to our Christian beliefs. I believe that angels are messengers sent from God to assist us for the greater good. Like we believe in the angel who came to Mary, angels have been a part of our spiritual belief for centuries. I use Angel Cards prior to practicing Reiki and also as a way to begin my week. While I shuffle the deck I say a small prayer such as, "I ask for guidance from my guardian angels to assist me in this week's challenges" or "I ask for guidance and to assist me for my highest good." When an Angel Card is pulled there is a brief description of that angel and an affirmation to help me throughout my day.

You have received this card because your Angel of Release wants to help you let go of any concerns or worries that you are currently experiencing. She is by your side, guiding and assisting you to see your life from a new perspective. 


You may have become so worried about a certain situation that you can’t see your way clear to move forward and progress. Your Angel of Release wants to help you find alternative paths so that you can move past your current obstacle. She wants you to worry only about what you can change and take the focus off the things you can’t alter.


During your life, you experience challenges that test your strength and resilience. Your present challenge will teach you how strong and resilient you truly are. Instead of becoming angry or frustrated about this experience, use it as a time to learn. Think about what you are willing to accept in your life and sort through the things that you do not want.


Now take time to sit quietly in a relaxed position. Gently close your eyes and visualize the issue you are concerned about. Imagine that the issue is a brightly colored butterfly. If you have more than one issue, imagine a different-colored butterfly for each issue. Feel the presence of your Angel of Release beside you. Gently let go of all of the issues you are concerned about and watch as the butterflies flutter up among the clouds and disappear into a brilliant white light. As they fly higher and higher, the light becomes brighter and brighter around you. Feel the freedom and shift of energy within yourself as these worries are surrendered to the light with the assistance of your Angel of Release.


Affirmation: I surrender and release any worries and concerns I have in my life to my Angel of Release. I no longer worry about issues that I can’t control. I have faith that my Angel of Release will guide me in the right direction.

All Angel readings are taken from the “Angel Reading Cards” by: Debbie Malone and Amalia I. Chitulescu. They are pulled for this community and congregations highest good. 

In the event of a pastoral emergency, contact the Reverend Patricia Leonard-Pasley at 203-888-6349 or 203-314-7936

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