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Angel Card of the Day (4/24/20): Angel of Healing

A Message from Maura:

"I have pulled seven cards for the next seven days (starting today April 17th, 2020). I have asked with the best intention of the community and congregation that these cards bring comfort or positive affirmations that will help or assist you or someone you love in a moment of stress or worry. I must say that the order that the angels were pulled in from the deck for the next seven days truly was assisted by God."


What are Angel Cards? They are a deck of cards that are simply your "Guardian Angels." These are not fortune telling decks or in any way conflicting to our Christian beliefs. I believe that angels are messengers sent from God to assist us for the greater good. Like we believe in the angel who came to Mary, angels have been a part of our spiritual belief for centuries. I use Angel Cards prior to practicing Reiki and also as a way to begin my week. While I shuffle the deck I say a small prayer such as, "I ask for guidance from my guardian angels to assist me in this week's challenges" or "I ask for guidance and to assist me for my highest good." When an Angel Card is pulled there is a brief description of that angel and an affirmation to help me throughout my day.

You have received this card because your Angel of Healing wants you to know that she is by your side, ready to assist you in your time of need. Living an extremely busy life, you sometimes give all of your energy to your work and your family and friends, and forget about your own needs. There are times when your body becomes so stressed out and run down from all these outside pressures that you need healing. Healing can come in different forms: healing a physical health issue or healing emotional blockages, relationships, stresses, or worries in your life. 

Sometimes you are too stressed to realize that you can ask for assistance from above. If you are currently suffering ill health, know in your heart that your Angel of Healing is always by your side. She is very capable of healing and assisting you to solve any issues causing you concern. But it is up to you to take the first step to allow this healing to take place. 

Your Angel of Healing wants you to take time out for yourself so that, together, you can clear obstacles in your body or life and connect to your angel of healing. Firstly , find a quiet place where you can sit or lie down and relax so you can allow your angel of healing to be of assistance. Once you are comfortable, gently close your eyes and visualize your angel clearing any areas in your body that are causing you pain or concern. Feel the warmth and clearing take place as you visualize your angel of healing helping you. Visualize that part of the body that has been healed shining a brilliant white glow once that area has been cleared. If your Angel of Healing is clearing a particular issue in your life, visualize that the issue is resolved and watch as it floats away into the distance, like a balloon floating in the wind.


Affirmation: I accept and allow my Angel of Healing to assist me with healing any health issues, blockages, and worries, I am currently experiencing in my life. I am open to receiving healing. 

All Angel readings are taken from the “Angel Reading Cards” by: Debbie Malone and Amalia I. Chitulescu. They are pulled for this community and congregations highest good. 

In the event of a pastoral emergency, contact the Reverend Patricia Leonard-Pasley at 203-888-6349 or 203-314-7936

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