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Angel Card of the Day (4/21/20): Angel of Clairsentience

A Message from Maura:

"I have pulled seven cards for the next seven days (starting today April 17th, 2020). I have asked with the best intention of the community and congregation that these cards bring comfort or positive affirmations that will help or assist you or someone you love in a moment of stress or worry. I must say that the order that the angels were pulled in from the deck for the next seven days truly was assisted by God."


What are Angel Cards? They are a deck of cards that are simply your "Guardian Angels." These are not fortune telling decks or in any way conflicting to our Christian beliefs. I believe that angels are messengers sent from God to assist us for the greater good. Like we believe in the angel who came to Mary, angels have been a part of our spiritual belief for centuries. I use Angel Cards prior to practicing Reiki and also as a way to begin my week. While I shuffle the deck I say a small prayer such as, "I ask for guidance from my guardian angels to assist me in this week's challenges" or "I ask for guidance and to assist me for my highest good." When an Angel Card is pulled there is a brief description of that angel and an affirmation to help me throughout my day.

You have received this card because your Angel of Clairsentience wants to assist you in reconnecting and understanding your gifts of clairsentience. You may receive messages via your gift of clairsentience on a daily basis - however, you don’t always understand or utilize this guidance to your full potential. 

Your Angel of Clairsentience is here to help you reawaken your built-in spiritual GPS system. The messages you receive will come in the form of gut-feelings, inner-knowing, physical sensations and empathy for others. How many times, when you have met someone, has a little warning gone off in your stomach telling you that you can’t trust this person? You ignore the feeling only to discover later that this initial warning was correct. 

Have you been offered a new job and your inner GPS system told you that this is not for you - even though the money is great and it seems to be your dream job?  Once again, you decided to ignore this feeling and discovered that the work was highly stressful and not at all what you were promised it would be. 

Your Angel of Clairsentience is here to help you trust your feelings so that you don’t keep making the same mistakes. She wants you to make decisions based on how you feel, instead of overthinking the situation. Once you welcome her guidance into your life, you will learn how to live within your own spiritual vortex. Remember, if something doesn’t feel right, stop and take the time to see how this feeling affects your body. If you have the impulse to be sick when you think about it, this is an indication that you should not proceed. On the other hand, if you feel happy, excited, and euphoric when you think of the decision, this is an indication that you should proceed.

Affirmation:  I allow and accept the guidance of my Angel of Clairsentience into my life. Together we will rediscover the spiritual flow in my life., allowing me to make decisions by using my gift of clairsentience. 

All Angel readings are taken from the “Angel Reading Cards” by: Debbie Malone and Amalia I. Chitulescu. They are pulled for this community and congregations highest good. 

In the event of a pastoral emergency, contact the Reverend Patricia Leonard-Pasley at 203-888-6349 or 203-314-7936

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