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Angel Card of the Day (4/24/20): Chakra Balancing Angel

A Message from Maura:

"I have pulled seven cards for the next seven days (starting today April 17th, 2020). I have asked with the best intention of the community and congregation that these cards bring comfort or positive affirmations that will help or assist you or someone you love in a moment of stress or worry. I must say that the order that the angels were pulled in from the deck for the next seven days truly was assisted by God."


What are Angel Cards? They are a deck of cards that are simply your "Guardian Angels." These are not fortune telling decks or in any way conflicting to our Christian beliefs. I believe that angels are messengers sent from God to assist us for the greater good. Like we believe in the angel who came to Mary, angels have been a part of our spiritual belief for centuries. I use Angel Cards prior to practicing Reiki and also as a way to begin my week. While I shuffle the deck I say a small prayer such as, "I ask for guidance from my guardian angels to assist me in this week's challenges" or "I ask for guidance and to assist me for my highest good." When an Angel Card is pulled there is a brief description of that angel and an affirmation to help me throughout my day.

Your Chakra Balancing Angel wants you to reconnect and rebalance yourself today. When your chakras are out of alignment, you may feel ungrounded, scattered, tired, unmotivated or unnecessarily worried about your safety. When your chakras are fully functioning without any blockages you feel connected to the Earth, grounded, balanced, energetic, safe and settled.

Your body has seven main chakra points that run from the base of your spine to the top of your head. Your root Chakra, located at the base of your spine, resonates with the color red. Your sacral Chakra, just below your naval, resonates with the color orange. Your solar Plexus chakra, in your stomach, resonates with the color yellow. Your heart Chakra, in your heart (Center of the chest, aligned with the metaphysical spine:) ) resonates with the color green. Your throat chakra, in your throat, resonates with the color blue. Your Third eye, between your eyes, resonates with the color violet. Your crown chakra, at the top of your head, resonates with the color indigo. 

Gently sit or lie down somewhere where you won’t be disturbed - maybe outside in the garden or in your sacred place. Close your eyes and take three slow breaths to clear your mind. Picture your Chakra Balancing Angel by your side as you visualize beautiful white angelic grounding light appearing beneath your feet. Watch as the light gently and lovingly flows up to your root Chakra, Base Chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra. The energy of the light becomes brighter and brighter as it clears any blockages you may have been holding on to in any of your chakras. Feel the warm healing energy as all of your blockages are dissolved and cleared. Your body now feels realigned and recharged and is now functioning at full power. Notice how calm and centered you feel within your entire body.


Affirmation: I acknowledge that by connecting with my Chakra Balancing Angel and clearing any negative energy and blockages, I feel more at peace and grounded in my life.

All Angel readings are taken from the “Angel Reading Cards” by: Debbie Malone and Amalia I. Chitulescu. They are pulled for this community and congregations highest good. 

In the event of a pastoral emergency, contact the Reverend Patricia Leonard-Pasley at 203-888-6349 or 203-314-7936

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